373 Euston Road shortlisted for AJ Retrofit Awards

Features: 373 Euston Road

181 1 Cambridge House Completed2

We are excited to announce that 373 Euston Road has been shortlisted for a 2022 AJ Retrofit Award.

The award celebrates the design expertise behind the vital renewal and repurposing of existing buildings, slashing the industry’s carbon footprint in the process.

This new Learning Centre retains and repairs the car showroom which had sat on the site for the past century, not only breathing new life into the existing structure through the insertion and addition of 21st Century teaching spaces, but giving Birkbeck a prominent presence on Euston Road for the first time.

By renovating and extending the building the embodied carbon of the development was dramatically reduced and coming in at 353 kgCO2e/m2. The use of exposed CLT and glulam for much of the new structure helped to reduce the carbon cost and the amount of finishes required.

Working with Penoyre & Prasad for Birkbeck, University of London, Webb Yates Engineers provided structural engineering services on the project.

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