Hopes and fears for construction in 2022

Andy Yates2

There’s plenty of folk saying good riddance to 2021, but will the next 12 months be any better? Building asked some leading construction and design professionals.

This is what Andy Yates, Director of Webb Yates said:

Focus on mental health

My lasting hope for 2022, and beyond, is that we collectively and fundamentally address the climate emergency. This is particularly the case for the built environment sector, where our actions over the next few years are the most critical for giving ourselves the best chance of mitigating the worst effects of climate change. We already have the tools, skills and ingenuity to address the issues.

Maybe ‘hope’ is not a strong or positive enough word; I am confident that there is sufficient will, momentum and determination within our industry to ensure that 2022 is remembered as the year that we got our act together and made real change.

My fear is that the ongoing adverse impacts of covid-19 on our mental health will persist throughout and beyond 2022. I am deeply saddened by the human cost of the pandemic but I am especially concerned about the hidden and potentially long lasting damage which the pandemic is causing to our mental health.

Personally, covid-19 has already taken a considerable toll on my own mental health, but I feel fortunate to have support from friends, family and the great outdoors. I fear that the ongoing pandemic will cause significant damage, particularly for younger generations, and such that it may take years before the full impacts are recognised. However, being optimistic, I sincerely hope that changes to working practices, improved awareness and ongoing support will assist with alleviating some of these impacts.

This comment was originally published on Building Magazine.