It’s the Cycle to MIPIM time of the year

CycletoMIPIM 2021

If we’ve done it five times before, we can certainly do it again – and we will!

In three weeks’ time four of our tough team members - Andy Yates, Anna Beckett, Tom Webster and Richard Mayo will start the challenging cycle journey to MIPIM in Cannes with Club Peloton.

Richard and Tom will be heading off early the 4th of March from Valencia, Spain and will be out on the road, both cycling and climbing, for 6.5 days. Andy and Anna will start their 6-day ride from London the 5th of March and cycling down the original route through Folkestone.

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Not only will our team cycle the outstanding 1500km to the event, during the trip we’ll be raising money and it’s all for an amazing cause!

Club Peloton is a grant making charity that raises money through cycling initiatives like the Cycle to MIPIM to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people. Their main beneficiary is Coram, the UK’s oldest and first children’s charity with a brilliant independent adoption service. Since the establishment more than 275 years ago, it has continued to transform children’s lives to give them a better chance and a brighter, happier future across the UK.

Visit our team’s sponsorship page and donate.