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This year we have two women on the Webb Yates Engineers cycle to MIPIM team- one of whom is a ride captain! This will be the 5th year we have participated in the event and the annual ride raises money for Coram – the UK’s first and oldest children’s charity.

Andy Lerpiniere, Andy Yates, Anna Beckett and Lynsey Laycock are not only masters on the bike but are also experts in their fields and have extensive experience managing large scale, complex engineering projects.

We caught up with Anna (AB) and Lynsey (LL) to find out about their trials and tribulations, their work/life balance and to hear their training tips. 


Lynsey it has been a busy couple of months, managing the Webb Yates Engineers Bristol office, having a baby and training for the 1,500 km ride to MIPIM. You are a role model to many professional women, what are your secrets?

LL: Thank you, that's kind of you to say. It has been busy but I enjoy the balance between work, family and ‘me time’ (which is entirely spent training!). Plus it helps when your day regularly starts at 5am when the kids wake up – plenty of time to fit it all in. [My husband just read this over my shoulder and reminded me that an amazing supportive husband is key – which it definitely is, oops I should have said that at the start!

Anna, as a ride captain this year, what tactics will you use to make sure your team stay chirpy and enthusiastic during the ride?

AB: I usually find that a good conversation makes the stages go much quicker so I’m planning to distract my team that way! Jelly babies and wine gums usually help a lot too..

In terms of training what has been your biggest challenge so far?

LL: Apart from finding the time (which I’m sure is difficult for most people), I find it challenging to eat on the bike. This sounds simple but it’s really not easy to unwrap a snickers bar on the go with gloves on. Andy Y gave me a great tip though to put an open bag of minstrels in my top bar bag and I’ve never looked back!

As an experienced cyclist, do you have any advice for women aspiring to move into the sport?

AB: I think my main advice is just to go for it! I’ve been really lucky that I’ve received lots of encouragement from both men and women but I’m also not afraid to take on a challenge.

What is the longest distance you have cycled and what has been your favourite ride?

LL: Longest distance and favourite ride are combined as it happens… it was the Bristol based Club Peloton training ride a few weeks ago. We went over the Severn bridge to Tintern Abbey. Great group, quiet roads, lovely scenery and my first 100km+ ride! 

Apart from cycling are you a pro* in any other sport?

AB: I’m not sure I’d describe myself as a pro at cycling! Aside from cycling, I do quite a bit of swimming and swam competitively when I was younger. Swimming can help you build a strong core and strengthen your hips which helps significantly for cycling. 

Do you listen to any inspiring podcasts while you are training?

AB: I love a good podcast but I never train with headphones in because it’s just too dangerous, especially in London. I really enjoy 99% Invisible and Desert Island Discs and at the minute I’m listening to a podcast called The Dropout about the Theranos scandal which I knew nothing about but I’m finding really interesting.


Please feel free to drop them a line and arrange a meeting during the event! 



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