Webb Yates Engineers Climate Action Day

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This year, for Webb Yates Engineers Climate Action Day, we’re taking action to further work on our sustainability targets, using this time to educate and research outside the office.

Spread over two days, small groups from our offices have been visiting a range of sites, workshops, and research labs to learn and get some hands-on experience with sustainable materials and sustainable design.

During the first day we had four visits lined up: a tour of the UCL Civil Engineering department at their Here East Structural labs, a visit to one of our own project sites outside Bristol, The Old Brickyard, where we got a workshop and live demonstration of mixing and building with rammed earth, a visit to the Structures Lab at Brunel University, and lastly a site visit to explore the energy efficiency and sustainability measures of the estate around Kings Cross Energy Centre.

Later this week, we’re venturing out and exploring how to use straw bales as a structural element, and we’ll get a workshop in how stone pieces are set out and cut at the Stonemasonry Company.

At Webb Yates Engineers, environmental measures are consistently at the forefront of our thinking and we’re well positioned to tackle the climate emergency, that’s why we’re working hard in designing buildings sustainably and minimising carbon emission.

Our climate action focused internal taskforce, Webb Yates Planeteers, has engaged with our practice at every level on what more Webb Yates Engineers can do to operate within planetary limits.

Click here to find out more about what sustainability means to us at Webb Yate Engineers.