Webb Yates Engineers Wins Engineering Consultant of the Year at Building Awards 2018!

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The Building Awards are the industry’s longest running and most prestigious recognition of excellence.  At the most powerful and prestigious gathering for the UK construction sector, leading companies are awarded for their contributions to the industry and their achievements are held up as an example to the sector. Webb Yates Engineers is delighted to hold the title of Engineering Consultant of the Year 2018!

The engineering consultant of the year award recognises pioneering expertise in several key areas; projects, market, customer satisfaction, sustainability, partnership, health and safety and corporate responsibility, staff benefits and diversity, training and R & D and raising awareness. We endeavour to excel and continuously develop our expertise in these areas and lead the way in the UK engineering sector.

The prestigious engineering consultant of the year award consolidates our transdisciplinary approach to designing sustainable and innovative projects. This year we’ve won several awards for key projects: a Structural Award for Pump House - a mezzanine that uses repeated cast iron torsional plates for the floor and balustrade; a Stirling Prize-shortlisting for Barrett’s Grove - a CLT frame apartment building; and an RIBA National Award for 15 Clerkenwell Close - a mixed-use building with a load-bearing stone facade. Interrobang, our transdisciplinary arm, completed the renovation of the Hoover Building. By coordinating the design and structural solution, they delivered a project that conserves the building’s heritage, maximises space, and provides 66 apartments. 

Engineering is challenging but rewarding, and we’re keen to give the discipline a more prominent role in the development of beautiful, rational design. We are keen to stay at the forefront of the industry’s technological advancements and intend to broaden our influence and shape the future of the built environment. 


For more information and to see other winners visit; https://www.building-awards.com/