Goldhawk Road

Tags: private homes, glass, new build

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Goldhawk Road elevation
Goldhawk Road
Goldhawk Road interior
Goldhawk Road glazing
Goldhawk Road
Goldhawk Road side view
Goldhawk Road cladding
Goldhawk Road garden view

This timber and glass extension provides additional living space on two levels to a Victorian semi-detached residence.

The structure's timber frame sits on top of the existing masonry structure and is tied together to sustain lateral stability. The new timber floor spans beyond the previous patio space and cantilevers past the existing masonry wall below to support the rear façade. The main structural challenge was to minimise the number of supports on the rear façade and limit the depth of the roof construction. This was achieved by a series of cantilevering roof joists, with one slender post to create a glass to glass corner detail and floating roof structure unsupported for most parts when the glazing panels are fully opened.