Midden Studio

Tags: arts and culture, timber, new build, low carbon

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  • Client: Private
  • Architect: Studio Weave
  • Photography: Johnny Barrington
  • Value: £100,000
Midden Studio - Webb Yates Engineers
Midden Studio
Midden Studio
Midden Studio - Webb Yates Engineers

Midden Studio is an artist’s studio located on the picturesque and windswept Kintyre coast. Due to its location, the studio was designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including very high wind and snow loads.

The building sits on top of a Victorian midden wall (formerly the depository for dung from the nearby stables) with the new structure formed entirely from timber. Both the walls and the roof are formed from stressed skin panels, enabling the corner of the building to cantilever over the stream which runs across the property without using any structural steel members. A window in the underside of the cantilever also allows the artist to peer down to the flowing water below. The dimensions of the building were dictated by the geometry of the zinc cladding panels and it is this level of attention to detail throughout the building, both structurally and architecturally, that has created a beautiful building that nestles into its environment.




  1. Architecture Today Awards 2023, Workplace, shortlisted, 10 2023
  2. Structural Awards 2016, Small Projects, shortlisted, 7 2016
  3. RIBA Awards 2016, shortlisted, 4 2016