Rug Room

Tags: arts and culture, glass, timber, new build, low carbon

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Rug Room - Webb Yates Engineers
Rug Room - Webb Yates Engineers
Rug Room - Webb Yates Engineers

Webb Yates Engineers were responsible for the design of a cor-ten steel-clad plywood structure for a private studio located in Oval, London. The client wanted a simple and elegant place to read and work. The studio is located at the end of a narrow garden facing both the rear of an early Victorian crescent and a secret garden.

The structure utilises laser cut plywood walls of just 50mm thickness as structural elements. The walls are formed from 2 sheets of 25mm birch plywood glued together, with internal shelving and bookcases, also plywood, providing additional vertical and lateral support. A bonded, frameless glass panel at one end of the structure contributes to the racking resistance of the plywood box and gives uninterrupted views into the owner’s garden.


  1. Don't Move, Improve! 2017, third prize, 2 2017